About us

The Khedi Hotel, the flagship establishment of the Ginza project in Tbilisi, is situated in the historic district of Avlabari. Its name is a nod to the breathtaking vistas of old Tbilisi, Narikala, and the Mtkvari River, which are easily visible from its vantage point. The hotel’s location is ideal for immersing oneself in the ambiance of old Tbilisi, with attractions such as the Trinity Cathedral and Freedom Bridge in close proximity.

At Khedi Hotel, we’re committed to provide our guests with an exceptional level of service. Our room service team is available 24/7 to attend your needs. Whether you need fresh towels or linens, extra pillows, or have a special request, our team is always on hand to assist you. We take pride in our attention to detail and will ensure that every aspect of your stay is looked after.


First building

The hotel comprises two distinct buildings, with the first building’s design credited to renowned Georgian designer Nia Mgaloblishvili. The lobby is reminiscent of an inner courtyard in old Tbilisi, complete with mirrored walls that provide an endless horizon view. The reception area is separated from the cocktail bar and lounge by plants, creating a calm atmosphere with a warm gradation of green colors and natural wood furniture that provides a homey feel.

The corridor carpet is notable for its topographical map of the city and the Mtkvari River, which extends into the guest rooms. The hotel’s mood lighting, shelves adorned with books, black marble tables designed specifically for the “Khedi” by the design bureau, offer an intellectual touch and adds to it mystique

Nia Mgaloblishvili

Second building

The second building of the Khedi Hotel boasts a stunning design by Ukrainian interior designer Evgeny Evdokimov. The hotel’s reception and lobby bar set the tone for the entire establishment, featuring distinctive Georgian ethnic elements such as vine-woven animals, handmade carpets, and locally crafted ceramics. The walls, adorned with Georgian stone, take guests on a journey back to the old times of Tbilisi.

Each room features a unique color scheme inspired by Georgian traditions, with a preference for natural materials throughout the hotel. High-quality wood furniture and natural cotton and wool upholstery lend a cozy feel to the rooms.

The hotel’s centerpiece is a unique atrium with Japanese Suchi bar, focused on fresh fish and seafood, a peaceful relaxation space complete with hanging hammocks, woven furniture, and hanging chairs. The abundance of live plants throughout the hotel and restaurant adds to its charm.

Evgeny Evdokimov